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What is the Best Sportswear for Women Horse Riders?

In the horse-riding world, gender-specific clothing is almost always the last thing that comes to mind when considering equipment. However, this should be an area of focus for women riders if they are to enjoy the riding experience to the fullest. The field of women’s sportswear has evolved greatly over the last decade. Today, caring Read More

Tips to Successfully Run a Horse Care Products Company

Running a successful horse care products company requires a combination of industry knowledge, business acumen, and a deep understanding of your target market. Let’s look at four tips that can help you succeed. Know Your Market Horse owners have different needs and preferences, which you need to understand when selling your products. It would help Read More

The Aesthetics of Dressage

If your particular interest in horses focuses on dressage, then no doubt you enjoy participating in the sport competitively. It’s an exciting combination of excellent horsemanship, and the horse and rider looking magnificent too. However, there is a specific dress code for dressage which must be adhered to, and the horses also need to be Read More

Medical Products for Horses

For those responsible for caring for a horse, it can be wise to have a basic knowledge of equine medical problems and how to solve them. Of course, any serious issues need to be looked at by a qualified veterinarian. Still, some everyday scenarios can be dealt with yourself. Building up a first aid kit Read More

Guide to Choose the Best Hoof Shoes

Does a horse need a hoof shoe? This is a common concern among horse owners. A horse, especially one living in the wild, would naturally have tough hooves that can withstand all manner of terrains. However, domestic horses differ considerably from wildlife horses in many aspects. As far as hoof structure and strength is concerned, Read More

Why Choosing the Right Horse Products Is So Important

Those who are new to owning horses soon learn that there are going to be a lot of different products that they will need for them. It can be difficult with so many on the market to choose from. However, if the same concept for buying other important products is applied, then it makes this Read More

Why You Should Take Up Horse Riding

You may have always wondered why people who own or love to ride horses competitively still like to talk about horses. Horse riding is both a physically challenging and rewarding activity. Read on for reasons why you should consider venturing into horse riding either for fun or as a professional pursuit. Exercise Horse riding seems Read More

Organizing your tack room kitchen style

Horse keeping is a pretty involving practice. It doesn’t seem like so for those who see horse owners and jockeys stroll around gracefully with their majestic companions, or when they take to the course during competitions. However, anyone who has spent time at a stable will tell you how much effort it takes to maintain Read More

Knowing What Basic Horse Products Are Needed

Being a first-time horse owner for many horse enthusiasts is like being a first-time parent. The new “parent” wants to go out and buy everything they feel that the horse may need. Often this ends up with the purchase of a lot of horse products that really aren’t necessary. There are a lot of expenses Read More

Feeding Products for Horses

One of the most important selection of horse products that are needed and on a continuous basis is the feeding products. Some may think that just turning a horse out in a lush green pasture is all that is needed to feed a horse. They require more than this and it is important for the Read More

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